Pro Perfect Level Master Cross

Pro Perfect Level Master Cross

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Sold By: BJ Floors and Kitchens
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Perfect Level Master

Pro Tile Leveling System

The Pro Perfect Level Master system allows you to achieve a perfectly leveled floor with varying grout line thicknesses,

as small as 1mm (1/32″), slightly bigger 2mm (1/16″) or with our Perfect Level Cross spacers even 3mm (1/8″).

This system is for the use with tiles of thickness between 3mm (1/8″) and 12mm (1/2″).

For Pro Perfect Level Master usage of pliers tools is recommended.

• metal and plastic pliers available

• available in two sizes: 1mm (1/32″) and 2mm (1/16″)

• suitable for tile in size from 30cm x 30cm (12″ x 12″) to 1.5m x 3m (5′ x 10′)

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